Sunday, August 19, 2012

#1 Little Known Money Mojo Secret (and commonly ignored)

It was like watching a train smash in slow motion. This business owner was making the biggest mistake that was literally keeping him from experiencing prosperity in his business ever.
Let me explain. "Money Mojo" is your relationship with money and how you experience abundance. If you're not experiencing high vibin' love for money, then chances are you'll not ever experience it in your bank account either.
But that wasn't his mistake. And it's such an easy thing to fix!
Here's what he was doing wrong: 
Let's call him George. George is a business coaching client in Canberra running an established business with a good reputation with proven results with his clients. So far so good.
George struggled to keep on top of his cash flow and knowing the intimate details of his money situation. Not an uncommon thing in business owners, and definitely a hinderance that needs addressing.
But George's biggest mistake was that he was ignoring, delaying, and avoiding paying his bills.
Now while this is often touted as sensible cash flow strategy, in reality it is a crippling mistake.
He is treating his suppliers and service providers with disrespect, lack of courtesy, and disdain.
And as you sow, so shall you reap. 
You cannot expect your customers to pay on time or early if you don't do that yourself.
Here is the little known Money Mojo Secret, and it's based on the Golden Rule:

"Treat others as you wish to be treated."

It's a very basic thing, and so easy to implement. If you want clients to pay you on time, pay your own bills on time. If you want your clients to be appreciative, be an appreciative client. If you want your clients to rave about your work, rave about the work of others who have done you a good service.
Things won't change unless you change.
No amount of avoidance, delays, and scrambling will ever get you back on top - you've got to pull out all stops and maintain strong healthy money boundaries and standards - for yourself first - before you can expect anyone else to show you the same respect. Paying bills late is a serious cramp in your Money Mojo!
So if you are having money issues, consider where you can raise your standards and be more respectful with your money flow.
Once George realised how much he was affecting his Money Mojo, he got to work immediately paying his outstanding bills, with deep apologies to his service providers. That's all it took to re-build the broken bridges and turn his Money Mojo back on to high vibin'. His job now is to keep to this rule as a deep commitment to his own integrity so it becomes a foundational piece of who he is as a person and as a business owner. I have deep confidence in him that he absolutely can do this, and build his business to even greater heights.
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